2484 Sqn Staff Team

All of our adult staff are volunteers who have training and skills they can pass on to the cadets and use to develop the squadron. Some are even ex-cadets themselves. All our staff are fully trained and qualified in the activities they run, and all are strictly checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service, along with internal security checks.

Uniformed Staff

Flt Lt Kyprianou

Flight Lieutenant Andrew Kyprianou is the squadrons Commanding Officer. He is responsible for the general running of the squadron and welfare of cadets.

FS Buckle

Flight Sergeant Nick Buckle is the squadron SNCO (Senior Non-Commissioned Officer). He is responsible for the squadrons drill and discipline and manages the squadrons cadet NCO team.

Sgt Green

Sergeant Becky Green is the squadrons Training Officer and is responsible for planning the training program and helping organise the parade nights for the cadets. She also manages the squadrons social media.

Civilian Instructors

CI Kelly

Civilian Instructor Susan Kelly is the squadron adjutant. As adjutant she is responsible for all official correspondence, records, reports, and the preparation and distribution of activities. She is also in charge of the squadrons DofE.

CI Pigott

Civilian Instructor Tom Pigott is the deputy squadron adjutant and assists CI Kelly with the managment of the squadron records. He also manages the squadrons online learning system.

CI Powell

Civilian Instructor Wijtse Powell is the squadrons IT and Radio officer. He is the main instructor for radio communications on the squadron as well as working alongside CI Kelly managing DofE.

CI Brangwyn

Civilian Instructor Ryely Brangwyn is the Training Officer for our Phase 1 cadets, and is responsible for planning training and activities for our new intakes. He is also part of the squadrons training team.

CI Hammond

Civilian Instructor Paul Hammond is part of the squadrons training team and is the squadron STEM instructor.

CI Stapleton

Civilian Instructor Ken Stapleton is part of the squadrons training team and is the main instructor for Map Reading and Navigation Skills. 

CI West

Civilian Instructor Josh West is part of the squadrons training team, He is currently working on becoming more involved with the squadrons shooting syllabus.

CI Meldrum

Civilian Instructor Adam Meldrum is part of the squadrons training team and is mainly focused on the squadrons aviation subjects, including training cadets on the flight sim.

CI Warner

Civilian Instructor Martin Warner is part of the squadrons training team and mainly teaches propulsion related subjects (Piston and Jet).

Cadet NCO Team


Corporal is the first NCO rank a cadet achieves. Corporals are responsible for the supervision and mentoring of cadets from their uniform through to all aspects of cadet training. Corporals will have completed most aspects of the training syllabus.

Our Current Corporals
Cpl Anderton
Cpl Blundell
Cpl Caldwell
Cpl Hammond
Cpl Riggs
Cpl Schroeder


Sergeants are responsible for organising and mentoring the JNCO’s, and improving their leadership, whilst also mentoring cadets. SNCO’s are trusted by the squadron staff to assist in the planning and execution of the training programme.

Our Current Sergeants
Sgt Banks
Sgt Brears
Sgt Haughey

Flight Sergeant

Flight Sergeants are responsible for overall discipline on the squadron and assist staff in the smooth running of the squadron including admin. They will be responsible for mentoring and ongoing development for the Sergeants and Corporals.

Our Current Flight Sergeants
FS Clapham

Cadet Warrant Officer

This is the highest rank a cadet can achieve and they are expected to have exemplary performance throughout their cadet career. Certain courses and training have to be completed.
This is the only rank that is wing appointed.

Our Current Cadet Warrant Offices
Post Not Filled